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We at all times for the sake of investors, from an investor 's perspective, the investment of an enterprise is not easy. No matter how much the amount of funds from the investment, the future income how many, or the authenticity of a cause analysis, your mood is careful, you might think, the money back? This project will open the market? We all thought of, because of this, today we just to " Shuo Lin " brand launched the " Shuofeng wood" this small investment, easy operation, big profit for investors to choose the project. We insist that you use the minimum capital to gain more profits, business is not about big, we admired since childhood, we have confidence in the headquarters of the normative management guidance, in the powerful national media turns to advertising, in the headquarters of a complete set of marketing management system, we will grow together, grow together, to share this huge market brings to our profit.

( one) the overall strategy

1, the marketing goal: to build China's wooden door manufacturing and circulation of famous brand.

2, marketing ideas: to integrate resources, to further cultivate and improve the core competitive ability, and constantly promote the improvement.

3, the integration of marketing: marketing idea, to achieve marketing objectives, we will through the integration of the quality, brand image, marketing strategy, customer service, operating varieties, marketing network in six aspects such as resource, to cultivate and improve the core competitive ability, the implementation of differentiation strategy, to build China's wooden door manufacturing and circulation of famous brand.

( two ) the brand positioning:

Shuofeng doors - help you to realize the dream of home to achieve the above goals, we implement 360 °integrated marketing communication strategy. The quality of the products -- careful selection of materials, Seiko secret agents, satisfy the customer to the fine life and sense of value in the pursuit of product function -- let the home become local design style is the most convenient and comfortable -- reflect urban white-collar tastes and personality -- to meet customer demand for product variety and longing for the green, suitable selection of service -- and thoughtful service, no worries regret and dissatisfaction, store environment -- a full of delight and surprise experience, let customers find the green home feeling overall image -- urban white-collar dream home.

( three ) the join conditions:

1, in the local high-end market with 80 square meters of shops;

2, have the ability to open up the market, brand operation consciousness, have a good reputation, have a certain economic strength;

3, has the rich building materials product marketing experience and customer service experience;

( four ) to support the:

1, the regional exclusive distribution right;

2, a sample discount, free to provide a unified image design;

3, unified publicity, advertising planning;

4, to provide free product brochures, color sample and all kinds of certificate sales data;

5, provide market research analysis, business knowledge training and training material;

( five ) to join the program:

Application of the local market research - accept the factory survey, sales planning, visit the factory signed a distribution agreement -- -- -- -- order sample uniform decoration design brand campaign - the preparation and training practice

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